David Freed

CTO at OnScale 

Podcast – Episode 13:

A new shiny large-scale simulation tool for the SME toolbox

(Democratizing supercomputing power that’s easy to use, low cost, and on tap)

Whenever one reflects on huge steps in innovation, we usually see some disruptive democratizing of capabilities. Where the tools of the elite, and those with deep pockets, become available to the masses. Well, that’s what this Podcast is about! It’s about democratizing this ability to have large supercomputer platforms’ capabilities, brought to the toolbox of SME businesses. 

 … it’s just so difficult to go after the big prize right away. You want to set up an achievable development path that gets you some milestones and some wins along the way.” 

In the context of this disruptive story is an interesting and passionate tech leader, David Freed. CTO of OnScale, a company leading the way in achieving the democratization of high-level computing for large scale simulation. David is a self-confessed computer engineering geek with a background in Physics, chemical engineering, and a Ph.D. in fluid dynamics (in the context of Nuclear waste disposal). A heady mix of subjects all converging on a passion for bringing disruption to a niche market, thus gifting groundbreaking capabilities to the SME market. 

David shares his desires and vision for OnScales platform, his leadership style to achieve this, and what he wishes for tech leaders out there. 

Key takeaways from the Podcast are: 

  • How novel solutions can bring historically expensive, out of reach capabilities to the masses by being bold, creative, and establishing cost-reducing ideas. 
  • How businesses can accelerate innovation through affordable large scale simulations (removing complexity and need for deep expertise) 
  • How to be a leader in a disruptive business and getting the best out of your teams 

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