David Freed 

CTO at OnScale 

Its not often you come across a Nuclear waste scientist, especially one in the Tech leadership space. Well, here we have it, you can cross that one off your listWe have a nuclear CTO joining the IT Labs CTO clubNot quite; we just wanted to take a comical opportunity to put those two words together. David Freed is a self-confessed computer engineering nerd. He takes his passion for simulating physics of the real world using computer models, applying lots of fancy algorithms, maths, and lots of computer horsepower to run simulations that can show (and explain) what will happen to a device in some engineering or physics situation. The nuclear bit touched on earlier is down to his work on fluid dynamics inside the Nuclear industry.  

“It’s really important to dream big and to have a bold vision.”

So, he started out as a physicist and engineer. David has always been fascinated with computer models and the math and algorithms behind them. As a CTO, he combines his background of heavy-duty simulations with Software technology and product managementHes now in this hybrid space as an executive with 20+ years of experience in scientific computing applications.

DavidLeadership abilities span several important directions:

– Innovation
– Product Management
– Product Strategy
– Business Development
– Go-to-market strategy
– Talent acquisition & retention
– Cross-functional collaboration

His domains of expertise include: 

– Computational Fluid Dynamics
– Data Science, Analytics
– Patents & Intellectual Property
– Numerical Methods & Algorithms

The work that David and OnScale are doing to democratize the industry of highend computeraided engineering and simulation is fascinating. Creating a platform that takes away how to set up and run large-scale simulations allows the end customer to focus on the problem they are trying to solve, rather than being experts in a tool. It’s a great endeavor and could revolutionize SME business’s abilities through colossal reduction in costs for something that historically has cost millions to set up and conduct.   

As mentioned, its great to have David Freed joining IT Labs CTO communityThus adding yet another flavor to the tech community mix, with his more than interesting background and experience. 


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