Ali Bouhouch

CTO & Digital Strategy Executive at SZENTIA

We all know that tech leaders are curious creatures, but then there’s those like Ali Bouhouch, CTO & Digital Strategy Executive at SZENTIA, who suffer from too much curiosity. What does this “disease” do? Well, it turns techies into tech leaders – and in Ali’s case, enabling him to push for solutions to one of the most important issues regarding some of the biggest problems in the world. 

Curiosity drives your ability to continuously learn independently, and as such, is much more important as a foundational capability

Starting out as a hardware engineer, he got on the internet bandwagon and hasn’t looked back since. He focused his endless curiosity in finding solutions that help humans and solve problems that are dogging the world today. All of it, he says, is down to other people who saw a potential in him, potential he didn’t see in himself, but that mentorship is what actually helped put him on the road to leadership, where he helps teams grow and develop. 


Podcast: The Power of Curiosity with Ali Bouhouch

Ali Bouhouch, CTO & Digital Strategy Executive at SZENTIA, a company looking to revolutionize the skincare industry.


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