Japjit Tulsi 

CTO at Matterport

Japjit Tulsi is the Chief Technology Officer of Matterport, overseeing Matterport’s engineering team and setting the technical vision for the company.  A techie with a diverse pallet of experience and skills, he has been around the tech world for the past twenty years, holding executive positions in Microsoft, as well as getting a hand in working on projects such as Google Analytics and YouTube. 

One of the most important things you can do as a leader, besides leading your team, is giving them the space and time to experiment, because nothing gets you going like the freedom to try new things.

Japjit’s leadership qualities have allowed him to manage teams that work on exciting projects, like the one he’s on right now at Matterboard, with him channeling his flexibility through doing what he believes every tech leader should do – stay technical, even with all the management you’re required to do. 


Podcast: Using Data to Create Beautiful Visualizations with Japjit Tulsi

Japjit Tulsi, the CTO at Matterport, a company which is dedicated to making spatial data a bit more likeable, and the world a bit better.


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