Paul Clarke

Former CTO at Ocado Limited - Currently on a portfolio of government and industry advisory boards 

Paul Clarke is an enthusiast for successful invention, innovation, and disruption. As a renowned tech leader himself, he always strives to push the boundaries of innovation further. He started his career as a software engineer working in start-ups and senior technology leadership roles. 

Looking back, I seem to have spent a lot of my time being a piece of disruptive grit in a number of different oysters, trying to help people see what they cant see and trying to inspire teams to do things they never dreamt possible. 

After 14 long years of proudly holding the role of CTO at Ocado Limited, an Information Technology & Services company, he is currently working on a portfolio of government, industry, and start-up advisory roles.  

 As part of his time at Ocado, he worked on creating digital twins for the business. i.e., Digital versions of the real organization and its operational interactions in virtual space. Thus allowing for endless simulation experiments with changes to input variables to find the ideal outcomes, with a continuous feedback loop to Finetune the twin to create the best representation of the real world. His passion and expertise in this fascinating area is now being applied to societal and national governance.   

IT Labs is incredibly delighted to have such an experienced and seasoned tech leader as a part of our Tech Leaders Club. 


Podcast: Thoughts from a non-linear tech leader with Paul Clarke

In this episode, we have a tech leader who was the CTO of Ocado, a company that is a huge operational and business success in the UK.


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