Adam Leach

CIO at Nominet

Many tech leaders have found their way to the top of the industry in different ways, some started out in other industries, and then switched, others started out in one IT field, then changed their focus – but what about the ones that knew they wanted to be at the top, leading teams on exciting projects? Rare birds, but they exist. Adam Leach, Chief Information Officer at Nominet is one of these – a leader who oozes assurance and leadership in every move, and every word. 

Following your gut as a leader is important, but try not to shy away from the facts. Sometimes, things are clearer than you might believe – and this is important if you want to be a leader. Difficult truths are always harder to take than failures.

From his 20/20 vision locked on becoming a techie that makes a meaningful difference in the world, all the way to his laissez-faire leadership style, Adam Leach is one of those leaders that has something of worth to say and do. 


Podcast: The Unnoticeable Yet Important Bits of the Virtual World with Adam Leach

When we think of tech leaders, we usually think of people who knew where they wanted to be in the future, always with a clear picture of the…


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