Eddie Flaisler heads Products Engineering at Lob – A YC-backed API company. Lob revolutionizes direct mail through the introduction of intelligence and sustainability to one of the most traditional industries. 

The moment you feel you’ve “solved or mastered leadership is the moment you need to stop and take a long hard look at yourself and start asking difficult questions

Eddie has had a longstanding diverse career in engineering. He served as Box’s head of Enterprise Engineering, was a leader in Security and Compliance Engineering at Uber, spearheaded development of Video Network Management and Transcoding products at Harmonic, and even dabbled in money transfer to federal prison facilities. Eddie led teams in Israel, US, India, Japan, Mexico, Poland and Ukraine. He is an avid cook and a new paw-rent to a 4-month-old pug. 


Podcast: The Art of Facilitating Connections and Knowledge with Eddie Flaisler

How many times have you heard someone in tech say that they hate tech or computers, yet they’re all into it and are using their skills and know-how for the betterment of mankind through their work by helping develop services and technology that are…

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