Turan Rustamli

CTO at OneDome

Turan Rustamli is the CTO of OneDome, a London based technology company with a mission to change the way people buy homes. Previously he worked as a Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir, where he contributed to several projects across the globe, interacting with world’s biggest commercial institutions. Before that he has been a CTO and a co-founder in several early-stage startups. Prior to that he obtained an MSc in AI from The University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Applied Mathematics from Baku State University. 

The most valuable thing in anything we do is learn, and help others to learn. Find opportunities to do so, and you’ll have success and fulfillment in all your endeavors.

As a tech leader, Turan is an advocate for the holistic approach, and uses it as an integral part of his leadership style. From finding opportunities to learn and develop, all the way to influencing and motivating people to become active participants in all their endeavors, the sky is the limit for this techie. 


Podcast: Tech Taking the Pain Out of Moving Home with Turan Rustamli

We sat down for a talk with Turan Rustamli, One Dome's CTO, who shared the how's and why's behind this project.


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