Jeff Olin

Vice President of Technology at HomeSphere

Jeff Olin has an extensive leadership background spanning multiple functions. Everything from Development, Operations, Project Management, Architecture, and Database engineering. He also has strong hands-on software development experience on multiple platforms, such as Java, C#, C++, C, Windows, Unix, Linux, Web, SOA, Web Services, SaaS, TPF, and MVS. Jeff’s practical experience covers all phases of the product lifecycle.

He has led many types of teams, and of differing sizes (as many as 80 people), with varied types of engagement (contract/perm, onshore/offshore, internal, external, direct, and matrixed). Jeff is a really colorful mix of experiences, including hardware, software, project, personnel budgeting, and accountability in amounts exceeding tens of millions of dollars. It’s clear when you speak to Jeff; it’s clear he truly enjoys managing people.

“The construction industry has not improved in efficiency in the same way as most other businesses over the last 50 years. So there’s lots of room for technology improvements to make the construction industry more efficient.”

Alongside all the skills, talent, and leadership abilities, Jeff is an Agile advocate, where he has extensive experience in the Agile processes. He’s a bit of an Agile Veteran, implementing Agile/Scrum from scratch (and successfully) in four different companies.

His current passion is about bringing tech to the construction industry. A sector that is taking leaps and bounds to catch up and take advantage of the technology revolution and learning from other industries.

Jeff is clearly an experienced, comprehensive tech leader with many years of hands-on and leadership experience. It’s a delight to have him as part of our CTO Club.


Podcast: Tech-ing up the construction industry with Jeff Olin

Find out about what HomeSphere do, and the tips that Jeff Olin has to offer on creating highly flexible architectures for customer-centric products.


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