Stephen Tallamy

CTO at EditShare

We often see CTOs and tech leaders as the go-to people when a project hits a snag – they’re the ones that get us out of it. Sometimes they inspire us with a pep talk, other times they give their advice that’s worth in gold – but what if they put in the work and show us how is done? Sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it’s how Stephen Tallamy rolls with his teams. He calls himself an ‘individual contributor’ – which sounds a bit individualistic and away from leading, but at the same time it’s “leading by example” in the truest sense.  

Sometimes the most amazing pieces of art, software, or whatever, has been created by seemingly invisible team – but recognition to the best of us comes in the form of knowing you’ve done something to improve the lives of many.

A mathematician through and through, Stephen’s unique view on development processes and all-round crystal-clear view of everything required for a team to go through is just like maths to him – with a whole lot of variables that depend on what he does best – plan, strategize, and lead, turning ideas into products and services. 


Podcast: Tech fueled collaboration & efficiency in the film and TV production insustry with Stephen Tallamy

The tech and tech leadership behind making remote production editing smooth We all consume TV shows and movies to feed our entertainment-hungry…


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