Stepan Suvorov 

CTO at Studytube 

A quintessential techie-to-tech leader transformation is something we love to see and take inspiration from, and Stepan Suvorov, CTO at Studytube is one of the people who have walked this path. Starting out as a software engineer almost 8 years ago, he worked his way up the ranks, earning his badges, finally getting to become the CTO – a position he says he aimed for not just because of the title, but because he felt that high-level tasks and leading teams to be more efficient is something that he can be really good at – and has been doing it like a champion ever since. 

Finding the balance between technology and business is the thin, fine line that’s hard to walk on, but if you manage it, you’re set to become a leader who’ll do great things.

His leadership qualities have allowed him to be the kind of leader that knows how to lead teams without directly telling or instructing them – he lets them do what they can do, trusting them that they’re at their best. A leader that helps budding engineers reach their maximum potential. 


Podcast: Simplifying Learning and Growth with Stepan Suvorov

Stepan Suvorov, CTO at Studytube, a company that offers courses to employees of companies, as well as offering services...


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