Christian Rudolph

Director of DevOps at TUI Travel Group 

Starting out as a system administrator, Christian Rudolph, worked his way up the ladder at TUI, a company he’s been at for 17 years. Starting simple, he introduced virtualization to the company, and after that has moved on to bigger projects, spearheading the digitalization and driving crucial digitalization processes inside the company. 

One of the important things a tech leader should do is keep his team grounded – because it’s very easy to get carried away and start doing too many things at the same time, especially when it’s going good.

What drives him the most? Challenging the status quo – ensuring that his teams have something new to do, and learn, every day. The core of his work is definitely leading teams of people who not only have skill and talent, but also the willingness to integrate into teams on a more personal level. 


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A techie who started out as a system administrator, and slowly worked his way up the ladder, ending up as...


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