Fabricio F. Costa

Senior Product Developer & Strategy Executive at Accenture 

Not all techies are people who got addicted to coding and just dived into the vast world of digital development. Some jumped in from other sectors after learning of the boundless possibilities – like Fabricio F. Costa. After doing his PhD in Molecular Biology, he decided that academia can’t offer him the platform to do what he wanted, so he dived into the entrepreneurial world. After taking various classes, and earning his jack-of-all-trades mark, he went about developing solutions that help medical institutions tackle pressing problems, like patient tracking, assessment, evaluation, and of course – diagnosis. 

One of the traps every tech leader gets stuck in at one time or another is team expansion – don’t just max out the teams. Keep them to the size it’s easier for you to manage and dedicate to each member.

Fabricio’s laissez-fair outlook and approach on things might not look like something you’d expect from a tech leader, but just look at his portfolio, and you’ll see that this man has a deep desire and commitment to making the world a better place, improving the livelihoods of people, and of course – helping businesses grow. 


Podcast: Scientist in a Data science world with Fabricio F. Costa

We here at IT Labs love people who are bees. What we mean by that is people with varied careers bring opportunities for cross-pollination.…


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