Dan Goldin

VP of Engineering at TripleLift 

Tech leaders come from different backgrounds, not all of them knew that they’d be plying their trade in the tech world, but they all had one thing in common – a burning desire to find solutions that not only make lives of people simpler, but also better. Dan Goldin, VP of Engineering at TripleLift is a mathematician-turned-techie, who decided to marry his math skills and passion for computers, and look for ways in which he can improve the lives of people! 

Questioning yourself on whether you made the right decision is normal – but don’t forget that decisions made on gut feeling and experience are not always right, but they rarely result in something that’s not in your advantage.

From his humble beginnings in the world of tech, with him getting on positions in which he has dived head-on, learning new things and expanding his horizons, all efforts which have brought him to where he is today – leading a team of techies looking to make advertising simpler, and more accessible to companies. 


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