Cedric Fabianski

Co-Founder and CTO at Bearer.sh

Starting out as an open-source software engineer, Cedric Fabianski, Co-founder & CTO @ Bearer, has always had his eye on being a leader. After honing his skills and getting enough experience under his belt, he partnered up and started his journey as a leader, helping companies integrate and improve privacy in their products and services. In his words – he always knew he was going to dip his toes into entrepreneurial waters. 

Questions and failures – the only two things any techie should get used to – from both sides! It’s the only way to gain the right perspective on a project, a team, or a client!

We talked with Cedric about his journey in the tech world, from his beginnings, all the way to where he is right now – heading the tech operations of a company that tackles a topic that is hotly debated these days: privacy. Cedric also shared his leadership style with us, what keeps him up at night, and the importance of feedback! 


Podcast: Maintaining balance among teams with Cedric Fabianski

Any techie will tell you that APIs revolutionized the way we go about developing software, but with all the regulations bestowed upon the IT world,…


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