Anna Dick


We all know and understand that good ideas are crucial to the growth and development of any business or individual. First there’s the idea, then there’s the development, and at last the presentation. People don’t realize that it’s not the second, but the third phase that’s the make-or-break for a project. And Anna Dick, CTO at Hiring Hub is an example of how you can reach positions in industries the other way – by presenting her ideas and hitting right at the heart of the matter. 

The idea behind all the great accomplishments of leaders lies not in their ability to drive forward, but to find a problem and then create the space for a solution. Everything else is just management.

Anna sat down for an episode in our podcast, and gave us a sneak peek off her analytical mind – the culprit behind all she’s ever done and accomplishedMan or woman – becoming a CTO without having a background in IT, isn’t something you see every day, which makes this talk that more exciting and admirable!


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