Roy Keyes

Author and data expert 

Some people love the science of data, and then there are people who LOVE data. Roy Keyes is one of those — a data warrior and an expert in getting data projects on the road to high success and delivering value.

He is also the author of the book “Hiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers: A Practical Guide.” Based on Roy’s and other experts’ experience, this is an arena where getting the right data scientist in from the word go can make all the difference, and getting it wrong can be a costly road to nowhere.

“I think probably my main piece of advice would be that you need to get informed and try to be as realistic as possible. There is value there. It just may be different than what you were initially expecting.”

It’s quite evident that Roy’s knowledge in this area and tips are hugely beneficial, giving clarity on definitions of what the various aspects of data science and machine learning are. Its great to have Roy on as one of our valued experts in an area that has lots of rabbit holes that need to be avoided.


Podcast: Leading and hiring in the data space with Roy Keyes

Data, data, data everywhere! Sometimes I wonder if we're going to drown in it all. Roy Keyes, a Data Science and Machine Learning guru and expert in…


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