Usman Bashir

Head of Engineering at Worldpay 

With tech leaders, we see them all pushing forward into newer, more exciting things, but then there’s some who backtrack to basics, and start there, and Usman Bashir falls in the latter category. About 16 years ago, while doing his master’s in AI, he decided to dive deep into the world of databases, and hasn’t looked back since. 

Authenticity can be a make or break for you as a leader, and for the company you’re working for, because that’s what will show people that you’re worthy following as a leader, and your brand worthy of trust.

As a leader, Usman believes that leadership is all about being passionate about people, about taking teams to the next level, and trusting them to do what you need them to do. From having the technical knowledge to understand his teams, through knowing how to recognize good ideas, Usman Bashir has the portfolio and experience that not many in his field do. 


Podcast: Innovating in the World of Money with Usman Bashir

We got Usman Bashir, Head of Engineering at Worldpay, down for a chat with our TC Gill, in which he got down to sharing his amazing journey.


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