Erik Dasque 

VP Of Engineering at FormAssembly

Think of a techie with a penchant for management. Hard to imagine, right? Well, Erik Dasque fits this bill, and as VP of Engineering at Form Assembly, he’s been at the forefront of tech leadership for a while now. First, he went deep into all the tech stuff, then switched to management, and then realized that mixing the two world is what it’s all about – it’s the way to becoming a tech leader that can drive teams, as well as success. 

Having the top skills in an industry makes you a manager – someone with the know-how in driving teams through phases and processes. Having the right perspective makes you a leader – someone who knows how to ‘work the team’ in every situation.

From technical know-how, all the way to acquiring business acumen, Erik’s journey in the tech world so far has been nothing short of phenomenal – not just because of his success, but because of all the things he’s learned, the ‘eureka’ moments he’s had, which he candidly and very simply (yet inspiring) explained when he sat down with us for a CTO Confessions episode. 


Podcast: Geek to de-geeked and back again with Erik Dasque

Erik Dasque joins us for another episode of CTO Confessions, where he shares his intriguing journey of becoming a geek, de-geeking, and geeking up…


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