Phil Wood

Director of IT Service Delivery at easyJet

A jack of all trades with a burning flame for curiosity, Phil Wood is a unique tech leader that has an eye for what’s important, and the skill to guide people to said targetHe started out by working on smaller projects, but slowly worked his way up in the IT world, moving towards services as he gained more and more experience. 

Focusing on the customer is all about time – the more satisfaction you provide, the more every single second in the digital world will matter for you. Make use of every speck of time you have.

For Phil, the core of progress lies in change – constant change that enables you to not only try out learn new stuff and learn more, but also nurture your perspective. You get to see things from various points of view, which in the end, will allow you to better grasp all the aspects of what your clientele needs, and ultimately point you in the right direction – the one in which you end up making a change in people’s lives. 


Podcast: Flying on the wings of curiosity with Phil Wood

How the will to know mixed with trust and autonomy can take a business to the skies Phil Wood is a man of many talents, all cored in his unabating…


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