Amit Goyal


With his vast experience, Amit Goyal, the CTO of tZERO joins our Tech Leaders Club as a guest in the CTO Confessions podcast, to share his know-hows with all the aspiring and up-and-coming tech leaders out there.

We all see big stock markets trading shares in big companies, with their stock-tickers showing the ups and downs of an organizationperceived value. Imagine if you could invest in, lets say, a sports star’s career or the local shop down the road. 

Blockchain is such a fascinating piece of technology. If you’re not already familiar with it or working with it, this is something you might want to spend some time with and learn it, as it starts taking over a lot of FinTech innovations in next few years.

Well, this is the platform that tZERO‘s CTO, Amit Goyal, is working on. He joins us to share his trials and tribulations, not forgetting the successes in creating this novel trading system. 


Podcast: FinTech’s blockchain solution to take security trading to the next level with Amit Goyal

We all see big stock markets trading shares in big companies, with their stock-tickers showing the ups and downs of an organization's perceived…


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