David King

CTO at Flywire 

A techie from the world of physics and mathematics that found love in the world of IT, David King’s journey to becoming a tech leader is nothing short of extraordinary. Knees-deep in academia, he decided he needed a change, a breath of fresh air to blow wind into his sails of motivation, and so he tried his hand at IT. And the rest? Well, that’s history of the positive, inspiring type. 

Leading is all about trust – trusting your teams to deliver, trusting yourself to get the company to scale appropriately, and trust that success is right there for the taking when you’re doing all the right things.

From becoming a CTO of a company that created the first online billing payment and payment plan system for higher education back in 1997, his road has been bumpy, but filled with experience and amazing process – all of which have shaped him into the leader he’s today – heading tech operations in a company that focuses on simplifying transactions that allow people to move around the world, and connect with it. 


Podcast: Enabling Dreams One Transaction at a Time with David King

David King, who sat down with our TC Gill to share the story of Flywire, and of course, his own journey in the world of tech.


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