Adam Dille

Senior Vice President, Product and Engineering at Quantum Metric

Adam Dille is a techie who made his first steps into the world of IT when he started building large-enterprise software solutions, honing his management and tech skills, and now using that expertise in developing, evolving and scaling products that allow for continuous product design. 

A leader specializes in one thing – cross-functionality, and nothing else. A flexible transition from phase to phase, and from team to team.

Challenges, changes, and computers, the holy trinity for Adam is what drives him forward, and what enables him to develop teams that thrive and deliver quality products. His secret? Autonomy and support. Let people take the reins and the responsibility on something, but as long as they are under your command, you have the obligation to support them. 


Podcast: Doing better by learning more every day with Adam Dille

The pillar of IT Labs and many companies in the industry is learning. Constant development through new data and new tech, which in turn breeds…


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