Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, Alexander Oelling is a tech leader with a fascinating story, and an even more exciting position. He’s the Chief Digital Officer at Volocopter, where he puts his entrepreneurial experience and technical expertise to good use, making UAM (urban air mobility) a thing that is not just a concept, but a reality – and one that we can enjoy today.

The key to creating high-performing, long-lasting teams is the approach – if you approach assembling teams to run seamlessly without you, you’re ensuring a future in which they can be the leaders themselves, and that’s how you ensure quality and happiness.

Currently, he spearheads the digitization of the urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem and applies his technical and leadership skills to promote a future-proof solution to mobility in cities around the world. 


Podcast: Digitalizing the UAM Ecosystem with Alexander Oelling

Technology, and specifically IT technology has helped turn dreams that every human being has had at least once – to fly, to dive deep, to be able to reach other people – and now, at the forefront of it all, are people lie Alexander Oelling, CDO at…

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