Vicki Reynolds

CTO of i3PT

Vicki Reynolds, CTO of i3PT, is a maverick in her own right. She has made it her life’s work to help improve standards and safety in the construction industry and get construction companies to achieve maximum efficiency through careful management of their time and resources. Her journey to becoming a CTO? A bizarre one, as she had put it, as she started off as an actor, having finished drama school, and worked as an actor for quite a while, but her restless soul and eagerness to do well pushed her up and she changed professions – becoming a force to be reckoned with in the construction industry! 

Business decision-making must always include the potential long-term ramifications, otherwise you’re just waiting for disasters to kick you back to reality. Change comes before disastrous events, otherwise It’s not change, but damage control.

After turning to the construction business and all things related, she saw that there was a lot that could be done to improve not just the way business was conducted, but also improve the livelihood of people in her community. It excited her, got her passion burning again, so she dived in and has not looked back since. 


Podcast: Digitalising Construction with Vicki Reynolds

We are pleased to be hosting another podcast with a tech leader in the construction industry. An industry that is ripe for innovation and…


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