Taylor Lilley

CTO at Global Payroll Gateway

Taylor is a straight-talking CTO. Someone who addresses tough challenges directly. Reflecting on the best path forward with his teams and partners from a place of transparency.

Amazingly he was once a sniper in the US Marine Corps. Then worked in Engineering for many years; Taylor brings several enlightening perspectives to add to the conversation of technology and leading. From working with startups to medium-sized organizations, he’s now a CTO working in the “Banking as a Service” industry, where all his journeys lessons converge to create impactful leadership.

So you can see the reasons why we invited Taylor to the CTO Confessions Podcast. Another big reason is Taylor, and his organization, has engaged IT Labs using its Teams-as-a-Service (TaaS) in the past, and because he has a vested interest in remote working over a sizeable area of his career, we wanted to hear and air his thoughts on what it’s like to partner up with a company to offer TaaS. As we all know, remote teams are more of a necessity in this day and age, so he has experiential wisdom on the subject.

It’s great to have someone like Taylor in our community of tech leaders. His varied and colorful past is a real gift to those in the community.

“…make sure that your [soldiers] in the trenches know the battle plan.”


Podcast: CTO’s voice from the Banking as a Service Industry with Taylor Lilley

Taylor Lilley joins us to give us an insight into his lessons over varied his journey in Banking as a service industry.


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