Maksym Schipka

CTO at Vortexa 

Maksym Schipka is an energetic, passionate, and inspiring Senior Technology Leadercurrently Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at VortexaThe interesting thing about Maksym is that he never planned on becoming a CTO. But by entering this space of leadership, it proved to be his passion and uncovered the leadership qualities that were waiting for discovery. 

He is a proven product and technology leader with a wealth of experience as CTO and Product Development Lead. Having expert knowledge of SaaS, Cloud, and Anti-Malware innovation, Maksym is a recognized subject matter expert at developing and launching to market pioneering technical concepts and products to excite new and existing customers and disrupt commercial markets.

He is also a passionate advocate and innovator of Agile methodologies; Maksym continuously looks to improve the business from strategic and operational perspectives, thus transforming engineering and product development. 

“Don’t be afraid to try something out and then see how much it interests you. If it interests you, you will become good at it…”

Maksym’s blend of technical knowledge with a well-developed commercial understanding drives engagement and increases understanding between teams and the wider business. He effectively influences the corporate vision whilst simultaneously improving performance via technology and inspirational leadership. 

His skills include (to name a few): 

  • Commercial Strategic Design & Implementation 
  • Product Management & Enterprise Architecture 
  • £Multi-Million Programme Design & Management 
  • M&A Negotiation & Partnership/Vendor Relations 
  • £Multi-Million CAPEX & OPEX Control 
  • SaaS, Cloud and Anti-Malware Innovation 
  • TechnologyBased Business Process Improvement 
  • Business Transformation & CrossFunctional Engagement 
  • Agile Methodology Adaptation & Application 
  • New Concept & Emerging Market Development 

Its great to have Maksym in the IT Labs tech leadership group. Is passion for Agile style leadership is inspiring and champions better ways of working. There is much to learn from tech leaders like him. 


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