Merlijn Bruijnes

CTO of Marvia

Merlijn Bruijnes is the CTO of Marvia, a SaaS solution that helps brands such as Toyota and Domino’s Pizza activate their local marketing potential. Merlijn has a solid background in Information Engineering and is very passionate about ICT, all layered with a healthy drive in entrepreneurship and innovation.

His passion is to use his leadership to get the best out of his team members and improve the Marvia platform. These are Improvements through continuous earning and endless customer-centric drive. A tick in the box for Merlijn is when everybody loves what they do, and they feel fully appreciated. 

Let go of control and micromanagement ASAP. Let teams develop their own checks and balances system. If you get the right individuals, they’ll always function as a group.

During his studies, he set up an employment agency for students in ICT for computer repair and WIFI installations at home, together with two friends. After getting his degree, he started working as an entrepreneur and designed and developed a CMS, webshops, and marketing tools framework. This caught the attention of Marvia, and triggered a secondary interring in an interest in this framework, Marvia were bowled over with Merlijn and quickly incorporated him into the fold.

Merlijn became the CTO of Marvia, and nowadays, he is managing the development team and has created a learning organization which made him the tech leader he is today! Marketing comes in many forms, everything from the big brand advertisements for the masses to smaller campaigns specific to local needs. Well, Marvia has created a platform that does just that. i.e., activating local marketing potential for big brands (e.g., Domino’s Pizza). The CTO of this Company, Merlijn Bruijnes, joins us to tell us all about what they do. Merlijn also shares his journey to becoming a tech leader, lessons he has learned, and tips for other tech leaders. 


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