Ian Gordon

Head of Data Architecture & Engineering at Highways England

Startups, established corporations, public institutions – no matter in which part or level you’re at, one thing you can find in every single one is techies with big ideas, dreams, and the drive to turn them into reality. Ian Gordon is not your everyday techie – he studied geography, but ended up in tech, and without wasting any time, he set about to take the “small” task of modernizing the England Highway Network. A bit of big data, a bit of implementation and optimization – and you have a techie that’s all about taking the road less taken. 

There’s a special kind of motivation that comes to you when you know that you’re working on something that makes tangible, positive changes in the lives of people.

CTO Confessions has seen many leaders and techies, but rarely do we find a gem such as this guy. Aside from his humble demeanor and lightness when speaking, this young techie captivated us with his view on things and his desire to do contribute to the well-being of society, and improving the livelihood of people!  


Podcast: All roads lead to data with Ian Gordon

Most tech leaders can be found plying their trade in the private sector, but there are those with big dreams and the willingness to make the world a…


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