Brian Hough

CTO at Beam Dental

Podcast – Episode 15:
Leading technology with a toothbrush

How to create customer-centric innovation and market disruption

Tech leaders sit at the heart of an organization. They are the enablers of the businesses in this digital world we live in. Decisions they make, impact the present, and mold the future.

In this episode of CTO Confessions, we speak to the tech leader of a very niche business. They have taken the simple toothbrush and added an impressive dimension to it. Marrying the world of personal preventative dental health care with that of dental insurance, through a technology-enabled toothbrush. What you might call “smart dental care.”

“You have to view yourself as the connector. One of the responsibilities we have as CTOs is that our world touches everybody else’s world, and vice versa. That very rarely happens for other parts of the organization. And so, once you recognize this, you start to realize that you need to have a relationship with those folks. You need to have signals that you’re pulling in, and you need to share the responsibility for the KPIs those people have.”

Brian Hough, Dental Beams CTO, joins us to talk about his tech challenges and wisdom around creating a truly customer-centric product. He describes how, through organizational and tech leadership, Beam Dental creates a strong feedback loop between the development teams and the needs of the end customer. Forming tight awareness and close feedback loops to get the product offering absolutely right.

Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • Why it’s important to invest in development that sets the groundwork for future innovation and product agility.
  • Creating high performing engineering teams that fully own their work.
  • What is ‘Sentiment Analysis’?
  • How to improve the success of a product by having more eyes on the customer’s needs.

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