Philippe Ensarguet

Philippe Ensarguet is a transformational tech and technologist executive, with strong experience in startups and large corporations on vision, strategy, and innovation. With a unique 360° viewpoint on stacks, practices, tools, and cultural trends, he studies evolutions and disruptions to understand their impacts, risks, shifts, and opportunities. 

When you are touching a revolution, the topic is not only about the tech transformation, it’s much more. It’s about the mindset, the practice, the culture, it’s about the skill set of the company, it’s about recruitment and the ability to have enough experts at the right level to implement distributions.

Pro-software cultured, cloud-minded and digital addicted, he brings expertise and leadership to technology specialists and executives in their transformations or innovations. With more than 25 years track record with relevant experiences on tech corporate strategy and related transformation programs setup with transformative achievements in software, automation, cloud, cloud native and AI. He is an open source and tech community-driven enthusiast! 


Using Tech to Anticipate Disruptions in Industries with Philippe Ensarguet

The ways technology can be used are many, and most of the solutions help in the here and now, and make our lives simpler, and basically giving us the…


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