Mike Couvillion

CTO at Kazoo HR

Naturally, there’s no predestined or prefixed way to becoming a CTO or a tech leader of any kind, but have you ever heard someone become a CTO after being a fighter pilot? No? Well, Mike Couvillion has done it. 

Mike is a military veteran who has spent over 25 years in the technology space. A certified network and systems engineer with a deep background in software engineering and development, he has experience in a variety of industries including security, real estate, oil and gas, learning management systems.   

Tackling issues is all about being prepared, and having existing mechanisms that are both resilient and flexible at the same time. Have them, and there isn’t a problem that you won’t be able to solve.

Mike has spent the last 15 years as a CTO of SaaS based business leading development, QA and Product teams around the world with a specialty in cloud-based applications. Most recently he has been in human resources technology as the CTO of Kazoo.


Podcast: Turning Teams into Efficient Platoons with Mike Couvillion

We have Mike Couvillion, CTO at Kazoo HR, who is, and get this – a fighter pilot turned CTO.


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