Ryan Purvis

A techie with a penchant for safety, Ryan Purvis is the type of tech leader that knows what it takes to be successful. Starting out as a developer and moving through the ranks, he’s one of those tech leaders that might not have the tech skills of the best developers, but has the acumen to lead and guide teams with his sharp mind, capable of grasping complex methods and processes, and simplifying them in order to lead his teams. 

Changing technology is inevitable, but changing our approach to technology is crucial. This is the root of innovation.

A Certified Information System Security Professional who also has a BSc in Mathematics with an endorsement in Computer Science and Informatics, Ryan is one of those techies who knows how to help businesses grow, and he does it through challenging and influencing juniors and seniors to tackle pressing issues of the industry they’re in. 


Podcast: Smooth Sailing with Efficient Leadership with Ryan Purvis

A fellow podcaster, Ryan Purvis, Chief Information Technology Officer at HiLo Maritime Risk Management, is one of those techies that simply had it in…


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