Gerry Sweeney 

Founder & CEO at Hornbill

Being a successful tech leader is not all about finding the next best thing that will revolutionize the world – sometimes you can have the same impact by improving existing things. And Gerry Sweeney is one of those leaders who knows the value of this, and understands that unique, doesn’t always mean new, never-before-seen, or groundbreaking. 

Technology and leadership in technology is all about people and solving problems for people – if you’re not doing this, you’re doing it wrong.

Armed with nothing but his burning desire for tech, he set about learning more and more about processes, systems, before deciding it’s time he left his mark – starting Hornbill, and slowly growing it to a reputable company that develops next-gen ideas and software that help businesses save money and implement cost-saving methods. 


Podcast: Making Management Easy – Hornbill Style with Gerry Sweeney

What started out as a quest to develop a tool for management, tracking progress, and streamlining work processes, turned into a business...


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