Andrew McCaughan 

CTO at BuffaloGrid

The CTO of BuffaloGrid, Andrew McCaughan has taken it upon himself to steer the company’s vision to bring digital services and internet access to more than 3 billion people who haven’t yet experienced the full power fo the Internet. Throughout his 15 years in the world of tech, he has devoted his time to cooperating and working for companies that share his values and approach to technology which serves people, first and foremost. 

Sometimes something will work, at other times it won’t – but the key is to never stop trying. That’s what turns potential into success.

A servant leader who likes to focus on understanding issues and problems more than focusing on straight up solutions and techniques, Andrew’s brand of leadership is all about serving his team, to empower them and allow them to be at their best.


Podcast: Connecting People to the Digital World with Andrew McCaughan

Andrew McCaughan, CTO at BuffaloGrid, is hell-bent on bridging the gap between developed and emerging economies.


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