Sung Choi

Senior Director of Engineering at Warby Parker

Sung Choi is a tech & startup veteran with a passion for building great e-commerce solutions and the teams responsible for them. He has led large software teams across multiple platforms, including mobile apps, mWeb & desktop, and micro-services. In short, Sung is a hands-on technical manager.

Sung is passionate about instilling the Values and Principles of Agile rather than just the practices. From this lens of values, Sung leads the software engineering teams for the entire organization, including e-commerce (web & native mobile), retail (POS, EHR systems), supply-chain (ERP), customer experience, and fulfillment operations.

Navigating the COVID storm: “… one of our other values is leading with empathy, and we’re a company that really prides itself on trying to make sure that we’re not only empathetic to our customers, by offering them services and products in a way that they appreciate them, but also trying to make sure that our team feels appreciated, and that we’re very sensitive to the challenges that they face in these times.”

Through IT Labs’ interactions with Sung, one thing that struck us was how the organization’s values align with his. In particular, Warby Parker’s value of integrity. Rather than these company values being PR exercises, Sung, through his leadership, brings it to life and champions it.


Podcast: Taking Agile and working to big it up with Sung Choi

Warby Parker is a big name in the spectacle industry, so it was exciting to have Sung Choi, their Senior Director of engineering, come onto the show…


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