Oded Cohen

CTO at Nativo 

Oded is an innovative, hands-on, technologydriven leader with a record of leading design and development of highscale internet systems and products, including big data analytics. He has experience in building teams and products from scratch and taking over and improving existing ones, thus improving development processes and procedures to increase efficiency.  

“If we made a mistake, but as a result we learn from it, and now we’re better and we’re not going to repeat that mistake, that’s fine. You’re going to move fast and you’re going to make mistakes. There’s no other way around it.”

Oded brings unique skills in understanding business needs, translating those into technology requirements, solutions, and development plans, and managing teams to execute those plans successfully. Layered on top of all this are his strong organizational, analytical, and communication skills and ability to work effectively with groups from different countries and cultures.


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