Nick Batchelor 

Director Of Information Technology at Gatwick Airport

Leaders – they’re divided into groups and are attached all kinds of labels, each meant to discern them into groups according to their style of leading. But what happens when we have leaders that cross these lines and manage to form a leadership style that is a mixture of various ones? We get someone like Nick Batchelor, Director of IT at one of the busiest airports in Europe – Gatwick. 

Close collaboration is all about listening and trying to understand, but the only way can be sure that the other side is listening is if you’ve finished what was up to you to finish – tend to your tasks and responsibilities before focusing on your teams.

Despite holding a degree in English Literature from Oxford University, Nick dived into the world of tech, all culminating with his appointments at Gatwick airport, where he has managed to tackle hard challenges in various departments, using his know-how on the way to making the airport a better place. 


Podcast: Leading tech in one of Britain’s busiest airports with Nick Batchelor

Leading tech in one of Britain’s busiest airports (London Gatwick) – Servicing a million- and one-use cases every day, all-day. There are some…


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