Felix Hovsepian

CTO at Blue Manifold & Professor

Felix is a larger than life character. A tech leader with presence. Having worked at the technical level (mostly R&D) as well as various levels of management within organizations, Felix has much to offer in terms of expertise and leadership wisdom. His experience crosses the realms of R&D, academia, and the commercial sector – in Europe and the USA. He has helped stakeholders navigate the technology landscape and guided companies on the impact that cutting edge technologies will have upon a given domain or organization.

(On the subject of Edge-AI and the need to start making deductions at the edge of a system)

“… the whole idea of doing processing at the edge and hopefully into the device itself is that we don’t need to send as much information… I think that’s one of the things that AI people really need to start thinking about. [For example] your eye and the retina and all of the pieces leading to your brain, process information. So by the time the information arrives at your brain, it’s not overwhelmed with it.

His specialties include:

  • Emerging technologies & the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Complex Adaptive Systems, Collective Computation, metaLogic
  • C-suite advisory
  • Mentoring of CTOs & Commercial R&D Teams


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