John Catnach 

CTO at Exizent

Starting out as a systems engineer, John Catnach decided that his passion lies in product and software delivery. Fast forward after twenty years in the industry, he’s a tech leader with vast experience in a range of roles which include full stack engineering, operations management, product ownership, and finally, CTO. He’s now spending his time building high-performing teams that deliver value across various industry sectors such as defense, government, finance, gambling, and others. 

If you’re not challenged by your environment, figure out a way to challenge yourself. Challenges mean changes, and changes mean risk. So, status quo or not, you’re still at risk, and you might as well keep moving.

All the experience John had has taught him how to be an expert at overcoming challenges and delivering scalable solutions that are heavily centered on customer experience and creating value for users. And all the above, is exactly why we knew he’d be someone with a lot to say, so we got him with TC and did an episode. 


Podcast: Reshaping the Probate Industry with John Catnach

John Catnach, the CTO of Exizent, is working hard with his team to create a smoother and more efficient process...


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