David Glick


David Glick is an expert and experienced CTO in the retail and operations space, cutting his teeth in an extended career with Amazon’s (you may of heard of them). He and his team built the original Amazon automated pricing system alongside many warehouse management and transportation systems (including Amazon Flex).

Now the CTO at FLEXE, he oversees their three products:

  • Flexible Fulfillment
  • Rapid Replenishment
  • Inventory Overflow

We here at IT Labs were delighted to have him on as a guest on the CTO Confessions Podcast. Alongside all the leadership tips he has to offer, which are numerous, he is also a volunteer board member to a wonderful organization, BEST (Busines Ending Slavery and Trafficking). I think it shows a person’s vibe when they volunteer their spare time to groups like this.

It’s an honor to host a guest with this much experience. A pleasure to have him in our community of tech leaders.

“… one of the things when we would hire new people, after three months or six months, you’d say, how is Amazon different from other companies? The answer was always, not only do you have leadership principles, but you use them every day.”


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