Michele Sollecito

Senior Director Head of Engineering at Revolut

Michele Sollecito is a huge techie at heart. He has spent several years working on challenging problems and loves every moment of it. As far as he’s concerned, there’s nothing better than teaming up with smart colleagues to tackle a challenge with technology and large portions of creativity.

Michele enjoys planning and designing collaboratively on whiteboards and meetings at work but haa strong bias for action. He believes in an iterative approach to excellence by constantly prototyping, testing, revising, benchmarking, and refining.

“… to me, your office is an asset you’re giving to your employees. If your employees feel like it’s a prison, you’re going seriously wrong [somewhere].”

He specializes in structuring engineering departments for Agile software delivery, hiring, assembling, and coaching teams to continuously deliver value through hypotheses validation, limited work in progress, feedback loops, and Extreme Programming.

His specialties include: 

  • Software architecture, software development, Agile software delivery, theory of constraints, product management, coaching, people management, strategy. 
  • Working with tools such as: Kotlin, Micronaut, Kafka, Docker, AWS, Redis, microservices, event-driven architectures, Gradle, Spring Boot. 
  • Practices like: TestDriven Development, DomainDriven Design, reactive programming, Extreme Programming, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment. 


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