Brian Powell

VP of Technology at EBTH

Brian Powell has built up a vast wealth of experience over the many years he has worked in tech. With this solid foundation, he has skillfully used it to nurture his ongoing success, and from what we can see here at IT Labs, the future is looking even brighter. 

He has led and built technology teams for over 10 years, and in addition, has mentored numerous accelerators around the world, including Techstars. 

As a tech leader, it’s important to] make sure that you don’t take a wrong step in terms of culture-building [when building teams]. And ensure that the environment and the dynamic of the team don’t get affected. So, it’s a little slower to hire, but you gotta make more precise hires.

His passion and focus as a leader are developing and nurturing the teams he assembles for the betterment of the people in those teams and for the organization’s financial and operational health.  

Brian is a serial entrepreneur. He has built and sold technology companies throughout his career, ranging from online marketplaces to interactive television. It’s a real honor for IT Labs to host a tech leader of this caliber in our cohort of tech leaders. 


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