James Cummings

Vice President of Business Development at London & Partners

You may be asking why we introduced James Cummings into IT Labs’s tech community of leaders? Well, he’s not a tech leader… true! But he is here for a good reason. James regularly speaks to tech companies and helps them create links to London. He has a long track record of working with UK trade and currently has a brilliant role in forging connections between the States and the UK (London) through London & Partners, the organization he is part of. His current focus is linking London and Los Angeles… and beyond!

“London & Partners supports a number of programs that celebrate London, showcasing the creative energy that is London!”

On the many occasions where IT Labs has spoken to James, we’ve learned a lot about companies’ needs from their environment, particularly the cities where they decide to locate. We can learn a lot from people like this – people who can address topics across a broad field of industries.

James has a passion for London’s culture, creativity, and energy, as we do here at IT Labs. IT Labs feels honored to host this champion of a truly international city. We look forward to seeing how we can help him promote London further into the tech leadership community because of his integrity around the best outcome for all involved… the city and its businesses.


Podcast: A technology leader’s needs from a city with James Cummings

in this episode, we get to meet and talk to James Cummings, Vice President of Business Development at London & Partners.


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