Erik Wirsing

VP Global Innovation at DB Schenker

As the Vice President of Global Innovation at DB Schenker, Erik Wirsing is responsible for all global innovation activities. Since 1999 he has been working for DB Schenker and has held several positions in Business Excellence, IT, and Cross-Functional Services. Reporting to the CDO of DB Schenker, Erik focuses on future research, the effects of trends such as digitization, 3D-printing, electric mobility, autonomous driving, Cargo Drones, research & development, co-operations with start-ups, as well as the DB Schenker Enterprise Lab for Logistics and Digitization – with an open innovation approach. 

The key to innovation is unearthing gems, and you need people with ideas in order to do that. Fan the flames of experimentation, motivate and encourage people to express and try, and soon enough you’ll find your gem.

For Erik, curiosity, and an open mindset are the key ingredients to get a bit better every day, and the pillars on which you can make a true change in other people’s lives. 


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