Brendan Schwartz

CTO at Wistia

About Brendan Schwartz? Well… he’s into creatively-driven businesses, minimalism, and nonsense.

Many enlightened businesses work hard to make their brands and relationships with their customers stronger and more human, and thats exactly what Wistia doesFor those who think that’s obvious, well, there are many businesses out there that do the exact opposite. Either intentionally or unintentionally 

An obvious thing nowadays, like video is a way to connect with people. It’s a very emotional medium.

The CTO and co-founder of this interesting startup joins us to share his leadership learning and the importance of building that human face of the business one video at a time. With the bonus of making the process super easy and effective. 


Podcast: Making businesses more human one video at a time with Brendan Schwartz

Many enlightened businesses work hard to make their brands and relationships with their customers stronger and more human, and that's exactly what…


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