Military veteran turned practical technology leader, Chuck Hardy’s story is one that we’re sure will inspire you. A customer-focused creative with a passion for solving problems and a strong belief in the power of a team over the individual. Current Head of Engineer at Salesroom. Former Vice President of Technology at General Assembly.

Know who you are, what you want, and what you can bring – then do everything in your power to create an environment that resonates that.

From his humble beginnings, all the way to where he is now, Chuck has pushed boundaries and has broken glass ceilings to get to where he is now – a seasoned tech leader who knows that empowerment of the many should come before the needs of the one.


Podcast: The Art of Making Sales on Virtual Platforms with Chuck Hardy

With everything getting digitized and slowly moving on to the virtual world, there are some industries and arts that are having a bit of a hard time adapting to the new normal. Sales are one of them.

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