Ahmed El-Sharkasy is a software engineer and product manager with more than 12 years of experience working in world-class startups in the Middle East and Europe. He was the first engineer at Bkam, a leading price comparison website in the MENA, and was also the first engineer at Onfido, the leading identity verification service in the UK and Europe.

The highest level of competency is knowing what you don’t know.

After going through one of the top accelerator programs in Europe (Entrepreneur First), Ahmed is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Knowledge Officer, a London-based EdTech startup with a mission to build the shortest and most efficient path to employment and career progression.


Podcast: Solving the Skills Gap with Ahmed El-Sharkasy

How would one define tech leadership? Is it all about innovation? About creating something that will serve humanity as a whole? Or maybe it’s about empowering people and nurturing them to become leaders on their own?

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