Eoin O’Brien

Founder & CTO at Tracworx

A techie that has focused on improving the lives of others by helping the ones at the frontlines – doctors. Eoin O’Brien is the founder and CTO of Tracworx, a company that provides software solutions to hospitals that help them in sorting out and improving the flow of patient analytics and data. 

It’s a very primal feel you get whenever you see your system or software used by real people in the real world.

Eoin’s success is all down to – as he put it – to the fact that if a good idea comes along, you won’t need to convince people, and as long as that idea is centered around people and their needs, you’ll be just fine. From starting out in his school days, to now, being the CTO of Tracworx, it’s a meteoric rise that we don’t see much often in the IT world – but a rise that will surely be refreshing to all aspiring tech leaders and entrepreneurs. 


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