Alain Briancon

CTO at Cerebri AI

Alain Briancon, CTO at Cerebri AI, is a seasoned technology executive. He has a passion for creating the two sides of the innovation coin, thinking excellence and thinking different.

Alain is a serial investor, entrepreneur, and builder of great teams. He has a passion for exploring the application of technologies for real business problems, i.e., no technology for technology’s sake. All topped with a zeal to challenge the status quo (even his own).

Much of his career has been in the following areas:

  • Data systems
  • IoT
  • Power Management
  • Machine Learning

“Big data without a big business case is BS.”

He has also had occasional excursions into chemistry, rheology, and optical switching, making him realize that one size of thinking does not fit all problems. Alain surely is a champion of thinking about one’s thinking in service of forming elegant solutions.


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